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API Playground

La documentación para desarrolladores está en este momento solamente en inglés. Estamos trabajando en una versión actualizada de la documentación, que publicaremos tanto en inglés como en castellano.

Si necesitas que te ayudemos con cualquier aspecto de tu integración con nuestro API, por favor ponte en contacto con nosotros.

You can explore our API using your favourite command-line http client or directly from your browser using the console below, gently provided by apigee. At the moment the API allows only a subset of the possible operations. We will be adding the remaining operations in the next weeks.

To explore the API right away, select any of the operations from the left side of the console. You can optionally start typing on the URL bar of the console and get autocompletion of the available operations.

Most operations needs an authenticated user. To set the credentials, use the "Authentication" icon located at the left of the URL bar and enter your API key and, optionally, your provider in the case of heroku add-on users.

Some operations admit parameters. To see the allowed parameters and their values, use the "Advanced options" icon located at the right of the URL bar and simply provide values for each of the parameters or remove those you don't want to send. If you are not sure about all the optional params you can send to a given operation, open the Advanced options and add a param named "debug" with value "true". You will get an error informing you of the allowed params. You will get this same error if passing any unexpected param.